Card FAQs

My Starbucks Rewards FAQs (Canada).

How does My Starbucks Rewards work?

It’s as easy as registering a loaded (minimum of five dollars) Starbucks Card at and paying with your Card at a participating store to earn Stars. One transaction = one Star.

Welcome Level: Upon registering, we will automatically enter you into the Welcome level of the My Starbucks Rewards™ program, which means you may receive a free drink or food reward on your birthday.

Green Level: Once you have visited and paid with your card five times (which earns you 5 Stars), you will move into our Green level, where you may receive the following benefits:

  • All Welcome level benefits
  • Free refills on brewed or iced coffee or tea during the same store visit
  • Exclusive offers and coupons*
    *If you want to receive everything, please make sure you opt-in to Starbucks communications

Gold Level: After you earn 30 Stars in 12 months (25 additional Stars after initially qualifying for Green level), you will qualify for the Gold level. At this level you may earn the following benefits:

  • All Welcome and Green level benefits
  • A personalized Gold card and Welcome Packet (unavailable in stores)
  • The ability to earn a free drink and food reward after every 12 Stars.
  • Personalized offers and promotions

What is a Star and how do I earn one?

You can earn Stars and receive in-store benefits simply by paying for a transaction with a registered Starbucks Card or your mobile app at participating Starbucks stores in Canada and the United States, and at One transaction = One Star. You will be able to track your Stars online by logging into your account.

Is there a membership fee to join My Starbucks Rewards™?

No. There is no membership fee at any level of the program. All you have to do is register your loaded Starbucks Card and you will be entered into My Starbucks RewardsTM. (If the card you register is not already loaded, you will need to add a minimum of $5.)

Will My Starbucks Rewards be recognized at all Starbucks stores?

Customers will receive a Star for each transaction at any Canadian or U.S. store that accepts the Starbucks Card. However, in-store benefits and reward redemption will only be available at participating Canadian and US stores.

How long does it take for customers to receive their Gold level Welcome Kit after earning Gold level status?

On average, it takes 4-6 weeks once reaching Gold level to receive your personalized Gold Card and Welcome Kit. (Be sure to update your address online so we know where to send your Gold Card). Gold level benefits begin the moment you reach the Gold level. You can begin earning Stars towards your free drinks and food by continuing to use any registered Starbucks Card or your mobile app to pay.

Can I transfer a My Starbucks Rewards™ membership to someone else?

Sorry, memberships and rewards are non-transferable and cannot be shared with family members, friends and others.

Do my Stars expire?

Your Stars will remain in your account as long as you have activity in the past twelve months. However, if you do not qualify for the Gold level again by your anniversary date (the date you qualified for the Gold level), you will revert to the Green level and lose all your Stars. If you earn 30 Stars again within 12 months, you’ll move from Green right back to Gold.

The same is true for Green-level customers. If you do not qualify for the Green level again by your anniversary date (the date you reached Green level), you will revert to the Welcome level and lose all your Stars. If you earn 5 Stars again within 12 months, you’ll move from Welcome back to Green.

Will you be changing the program again anytime soon?

We are always looking for ways to improve our programs and make them better for our customers. If you have feedback about My Starbucks Rewards™, please share them with us at

Can I get any drink or food item I want when I redeem my free reward? What’s included?

With a few exceptions, yes! Your free reward can be redeemed for any handcrafted beverage – any size, any flavour and with whatever add-ons you’d like. Or you can redeem the coupon for any food item, with the exception of whole bakery loaves, trays and multipacks.

How do the free refills on brewed or iced coffee or tea work?

My Starbucks Rewards™ customers are eligible for free refills on brewed or iced coffee or tea, regardless of the original beverage purchased, while they are in a participating Starbucks store. Once you leave the store, your visit has ended and any subsequent coffee or tea refill thereafter would be considered a new purchase.

Do I have to present my Starbucks Card to get a free brewed or iced coffee or tea refill?

Yes. You will have to present your registered Starbucks Card to the barista for your free refill.

When will I receive exclusive offers and discounts?

If you are opted in to email, direct mail and text messages, we will periodically send you offers and discounts. Make sure you are opted in at

Will I receive benefits at all Starbucks stores?

You receive a Star for each visit at any U.S. or Canadian store that accepts the Starbucks Card and for purchases at However, in-store benefits and reward redemption is only be available at participating stores.

Why is registration necessary in order to join the program?

When you register your Starbucks Card, you provide contact information so we can reward you with benefits like a free drink or food item on your birthday, as well as exclusive offers and coupons. Additionally, by registering your card, you receive balance protection in case your card is ever lost or stolen. Finally, with a registered card, you can manage your account in a variety of ways online. For example, you can set up your card to auto-reload when the balance falls below a certain amount. Please note: a valid Canadian billing address is required when registering your card.

How do I register my Starbucks Card online?

It’s easy and only takes a few minutes at You’ll need your card’s 16-digit number and its CSC (Card Security Code), which is an 8-digit number that can be found under the scratch-off coating on the back of your card.

How many Starbucks Cards can I register as part of the program?

You can register an unlimited number of cards to your account, including seasonal cards, mini cards and your personalized Gold Card. All registered Starbucks Cards earn Stars to your Starbucks account.

When will I receive my complimentary birthday drink or food reward?

After you register your Starbucks Card and provide us with your birthday, we will load a free reward on your card. You can redeem this reward for a free drink or food item. We’ll send you an email a few days prior to your birthday so you know when the reward has been loaded. The reward will be valid for one month after your birthday. Note: You must register at least 30 days before your birthday to receive a free birthday treat. In addition, to continue receiving your birthday beverage every year, you must make a purchase on your registered Starbucks Card within the past 12 months.

If I have multiple Starbucks Cards registered to my account, does that mean I will receive a birthday reward for each one?

No. You will only receive one birthday reward per account.

What if I lose my Starbucks Card?

If your card is registered, your membership in My Starbucks Rewards™ and any remaining card balance will be protected as of the time you notify us of its loss. After logging in to your account, visit the Manage My Cards section and click on the Report Lost/Stolen link. We’ll freeze your remaining balance at the time you report your card as lost or stolen, transfer it to a new Starbucks Card and mail you the replacement immediately – without hassles or fees.

How does Starbucks manage personal information?

Please read our Privacy Policy for details.

Can I track my progress in the program and see how many Stars I have until I reach the next level?

Yes. At you will be able to log into your account and see how many Stars you’ve earned, your current benefits, how many Stars you have to go until you reach the next level, your transaction history and all available rewards on your account. You can also view this same information on the Starbucks mobile application, available for iPhone and Android devices.

How soon will I be able to see the Stars I’ve earned after using my registered Starbucks Card?

Stars earned from using your registered Starbucks Card or mobile app will be available on your account within 24 hours.

What if my Star balance doesn’t look right? Who do I contact?

We want to make sure the balance on your account reflects your purchases accurately. If the total number of Stars doesn’t appear to be correct, call 1-800-STARBUC (782-7282).

Do I need to earn 5 Stars to unlock Green level benefits for each Starbucks Card I register?

No, once you’ve qualified for Green level benefits the first time, all cards registered to your account automatically qualify.

What do I have to do in order to maintain Green level status?

Once you reach the Green level, you will need to earn 5 Stars in 12 months to maintain your Green level status. If you do not earn 5 Stars, you will revert back to the Welcome level and your Star count will drop to 0. As soon as you earn 5 Stars again you’ll move from Welcome right back to Green.

How do I maintain Gold level status?

Once you qualify for Gold level, you will be at that level for a full year from the date you qualified. Simply earn 30 additional Stars before your anniversary date (the date you earned Gold) and you will continue to enjoy all your Gold level benefits for another year.

Can I qualify for multiple years in a single year? For example, if I earn 60 Stars in the next year, will I be in the Gold level for the next two years?

No. Every year on your anniversary date (the date you qualified for the Gold level), our system will look back and confirm whether or not you have earned the minimum 30 Stars during that timeframe. If so, you’ll remain at the Gold level for another year.

Can I earn Stars if I pay with cash or a credit or debit card instead of a Starbucks Card?

The only way to join My Starbucks Rewards™ is to register and pay with a Starbucks Card or the Starbucks mobile app – we can’t award you Stars and reward you for purchases made with another form of payment. You can use your debit or credit card to reload your Starbucks Card.

Will the use of any Starbucks Card registered to me count toward my program benefits?

Yes. The use of any card registered to your account will earn you Stars and enable you to enjoy the benefits associated with your membership level.

If I pay with my iPhone or Android using the Starbucks app, will I still earn Stars?

Absolutely! Paying with the Starbucks application is exactly the same as paying with your registered Starbucks Card. Note: the mobile app must be linked to your account.

What if I need to pay for my transaction partially with my registered Starbucks Card and partially with cash or a debit or credit card– does that still count toward earning a Star?


If I purchase two drinks in one transaction, do I earn 2 Stars?

Stars are earned based on each transaction, rather than the number of items purchased in the transaction. From time to time we will run Bonus Star promotions where specific items earn extra Stars. Watch for email alerts or in-store messaging to take advantage of these offers.

Do I have to use the Gold level card you send me to receive the benefits?

No. You can use any Starbucks Card registered to your account or your mobile app to receive credit for your visits and store-level benefits. This means that once you hit the Gold level, although you’ll receive a really cool personalized card from us, you can keep using that adorable customized Starbucks Card your granddaughter gave you. Or the app on your mobile phone.

Can I still use my Gold Card if I drop back to the Green Level?

Yes. You can continue to use your Gold Card when you are in the Green Level; however you will not be receiving the Gold Level benefits only the Green Level benefits.

Program Changes

What will happen to my Star count at the transition date? Will I lose my current Stars?

Active members keep their level and their Stars. Customers in the Green level keep their Star count towards Gold – if you were Green with 7 Stars, you’ll be Green with 7 Stars after the transition date (until your next visit earns you another Star!). Similarly, customers in the Gold level will keep their Stars towards their next free reward. Since you’ll now earn a free drink or food reward every 12 Stars instead of 15, customers with 12, 13, or 14 Stars on the transition date will automatically receive a free reward loaded to your card and 12 Stars will be deducted from your Star count. Remaining Stars will still be in your account.

Why are you charging for syrup and soy?

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the My Starbucks Rewards™ program for our customers, and sometimes that change involves trade-offs. We decided to make it easier and quicker for our members to earn free drinks, and have also added food as an option.

Why is Starbucks making these changes to the My Starbucks Rewards™ program?

We know our customers love free drinks – so we are helping you earn them faster by giving Gold members a reward (drink or food!) every 12 Stars instead of every 15. And by loading your rewards right on your Starbucks Card, you no longer have to wait for your postcards to arrive in the mail. So you’ll be getting more free stuff, faster!

Do I get to keep my Gold Card?

Yes, all Gold customers are still Gold and can continue to use their Gold Card – or any other Starbucks Card registered to their account. Customers in the Green level will receive their personalized Gold Card when they reach 30 Stars. (Be sure to update your address online so we can send you your Gold Card).

Does my requalification date change? How do ensure I stay Gold?

No, requalification dates are not changing and the requirements to requalify are not changing. Earn 30 Stars within 12 months of registering and you will become Gold, and earn another 30 Stars within the following year to stay Gold for another 12 months. Check your account online at or within your mobile app to see your requalification date and your Star balance.

Since free rewards can now be redeemed for food, can I choose which item I get for free? I’d like to use my free reward for my favourite indulgent drink but I’ll also be getting a pastry or breakfast sandwich during the same visit.

Yes, you can tell your barista when you want to redeem the free item (must be before it expires). If you have multiple items in the transaction, the highest priced eligible item will be free. Free food excludes multipacks, trays and whole bakery loaves. Participating stores only.

Which food items are eligible?

All food items in participating stores are eligible for the free reward, with the exception of multipacks, trays and whole bakery loaves.The Starbucks app on my mobile phone still says I will get a postcard after 15 Stars. Will the app be updated?

The Starbucks app on my mobile phone still says I will get a postcard after 15 Stars.  Will the app be updated?

We recently made updates to our app, so please be sure to download the most current version from the Apple iTunes Store or the Android Market. If you have an older device and are unable to download the latest version, your phone may display incorrect information about earning free drinks. But don’t worry – you will still continue to earn Stars the same way and we’ll reward you with a free reward (drink or food) after 12 Stars. It just won’t display correctly on your phone if your app is outdated.

What is a Bonus Star?

Periodically, the My Starbucks Rewards™ program will offer Bonus Stars as a promotion to our members. During the promotional period, when you purchase one of the featured products, you will receive a Star for the transaction (as normal) and an extra Star for the specified product. This is another way we are helping you earn Stars and free drinks and food faster!

Digital Rewards

How will I know that I have my free birthday reward or free Lucky Dozen reward loaded on my Card?

We’ll send you an email letting you know when your reward is loaded and ready to redeem. Make sure you confirm your email address now to be sure you don’t miss a drink. You can also check your available rewards by logging into your account at or checking your mobile app. Be sure to act quickly, as rewards expire 30 days after they are earned.

Do I need to have my registered Starbucks Card with me to redeem my free drink or food reward?

Yes. You must use a registered Starbucks Card or your Starbucks mobile app to redeem your reward. It does not have to be your Gold card – but it must be a Starbucks Card registered to your account.

Can I use my mobile app to redeem my free drink or food reward?

Definitely! The Starbucks mobile app works the same as your plastic Starbucks Card. Just tell the barista you’d like to redeem your free reward and then scan the barcode on your mobile device. If you have a free reward loaded on your account, it will credit the price of your drink or food (just like swiping your Card).

How will I know when my free rewards expire without seeing the date on my postcard?

Your free birthday reward is good for 30 days after your birthday. For your free earned reward (Lucky Dozen), you have 30 days after earning your 12th Star to redeem the reward coupon. Don’t worry – we’ll do the counting for you and include the expiration date in your email notifications. You can also check the expiration date of your rewards any time at or on your mobile app.

Will I get lots of email from Starbucks if I provide my email address?

We aim to send emails you’ll find useful and relevant, but you can choose to opt out of receiving emails about special offers and member-only promotions from Starbucks at any time. You’ll still get your free reward notifications and other program-related transactional emails regardless of your opt-in status.

I’m not on email much. Can I just keep getting my regular postcards?

We’re switching to email notifications and loading your rewards right on your Starbucks Card to make the process easier and quicker. If you’re not sure whether you have a free reward waiting on your account, just ask the barista at the time of checkout. Or you can check your account online or on your mobile app. If you do have a free reward to redeem and want to use it, the barista will deduct the price at the register.

Do free drink or food rewards expire?

Yes! Postcards always had expiration dates, and reward coupons that we load directly on your Starbucks Card will also expire. For birthday rewards and earned rewards (Lucky Dozen), you will have 30 days after issue to redeem. The email notification for each free reward will include the expiration date, or you can check the status of your free rewards on

Can I redeem my free reward at any store?

Not all Starbucks locations redeem free rewards. All company-operated stores will honor the rewards, but licensed store locations (often those inside another facility like an airport, bookstore or grocery store) may not be able to redeem free rewards. We’re working together with licensed stores to bring this innovation to you in more locations as soon as we can.

Can I redeem my rewards in Canada?

Yes, rewards earned in the US can be redeemed in Canada and vice-versa – only at participating stores in each country.

I have a postcard that I received in the mail recently. Can I still use it?

Yes, as long as the expiration date printed on the card hasn’t passed, just bring your registered Starbucks Card or mobile app to a participating store and tell the barista you’d like to redeem your free drink or food reward. These rewards are actually loaded on to your account so you no longer need your postcards – so keep them as souvenirs!

When will the free reward be available to use? Is it instantaneously there in the same transaction where I earn my 12th Star?

Free rewards generally load within 24 hours after you earn your 12th Star and should be ready for your next visit.

Will I still get to choose when I get my free drink or food reward? I like to choose something special and I don’t want my free reward to automatically deduct when I’m not expecting it to.

Yes. You are in control of your rewards! Even though your free reward is loaded onto your Card, you have to tell your barista when you want to use it. It does not deduct automatically on your next visit.

Will my barista tell me if I have a free reward waiting on my Starbucks Card?

No, your barista will not notify you if you have a free drink waiting – so be sure to check your rewards status online (, on your Starbucks mobile phone, or ask your barista to check.

Can I earn more than 1 free reward before I redeem? Is there a limit to how many free rewards I can have at any given time?

You continue to earn free rewards for every 12 Stars – and the rewards stay on your account until you use them or they expire. There is no limit to the number of rewards you can have in your account at any one time.

Tweet a Coffee FAQs

What is the tweet-a-coffee program?

The tweet-a-coffee program is a new way to send your friend a “coffee”, i.e. a $5 Starbucks eGift Card through Twitter simply by sending a Tweet to @tweetacoffee. It just requires a few simple steps to get set up. Click here to learn more or get started. The tweet-a-coffee program is also available in French.

How do I send a Starbucks eGift Card using the tweet-a-coffee program?

Click here to learn more or get started and we’ll walk you through all the steps. The tweet-a-coffee program is also available in French. You will need to set up a account and a Twitter account if you don’t already have them. You’ll also need to save a credit card to your account so you can pay for your gift (sorry but we cannot accept PayPal or a Starbucks Card at this time). You must also have an address in the United States or Canada. If your Twitter account settings are set to “protected,” you will need to go to Twitter and change this setting. You cannot send an eGift to a Twitter user that has a protected Twitter account. The correct format to send a Starbucks eGift Card with Twitter is to start your tweet with “@tweetacoffee TO @recipient” or “@tweetacoffee à @recipient”. You can send an eGift to only one Recipient per tweet. Re-tweets will not result in an eGift being sent. You cannot send an eGift to yourself.

Can I send an eGift using the tweet-a-coffee program if I live outside the US or Canada?

Right now you can only send a Starbucks eGift Card through the tweet-a-coffee program if you live in the US or Canada. We are currently working on allowing our customers to send eGifts using the tweet-a-coffee program in other countries.

Where can I use an eGift that was sent via @tweetacoffee?

If you receive a Starbucks eGift Card, you can use it at most Starbucks locations in North America, including airport and grocery locations. Starbucks eGifts Card can also be used interchangeably at most stores in Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

How will my friend know I sent them an eGift via @tweetacoffee?

Once you have finished sending your eGift via @tweetacoffee your friend will receive a Tweet (on Twitter) from @tweetacoffee with a link to redeem their Starbucks eGift Card. A gift receipt email will also be sent to you at the email associated with your registered account. You can also send them an email or post a note to their Twitter feed.

What if I sent an eGift via @tweetacoffee that wasn’t received? What if I don’t receive an eGift that my friend sent me via @tweetacoffee?

Both the sender and recipient will be able to see the Tweet from @tweetacoffee with the link for the recipient to redeem their eGift through Twitter. The sender will also receive an email notification that the eGift has been delivered and then another email when it has been viewed. If you have any questions or concerns with the status of an eGift email us at or call 1-800-782-7282

Can I return an eGift that I purchased via @tweetacoffee?

If you have a Starbucks eGift Card that hasn't been used by the person you sent it to, then you may return it by calling 1-800-STARBUC (782-7282). You'll be asked to provide the original receipt. We'll send your refund check to you in the mail about 3-4 weeks after your call.

How Can I Log Out of My Starbucks Account?

Click the drop down menu at the top of the page that says "Hello Yourname" After the drop down expands, "Sign Out" should be at the bottom right of the menu. Or, try clicking here.

How do I change what currency I would like to use to send a tweet-a-coffee?

You can send a $5 Starbucks eGift Card in either US or Canadian dollars. If you register for the program on, your eGift will default to U.S. dollars. If you have registered for the tweet-a-coffee program on or, your eGift will default to Canadian dollars. If you would like to change the default currency, visit the tweet-a-coffee settings page and choose the country and currency you would like to use.