Retail Careers

    Retail Careers: Store Managers, Baristas and More

    Baristas, Shift Supervisors, Assistant Store Managers, Store Managers, District Managers, Regional Directors

    Our store partners are the face of Starbucks. They create meaningful connections every day and make perfect beverages -- one cup at a time.

    Working in a Starbucks store is different from any other job. You’re creating genuine moments of connection with our customers, making a difference in their day. You’ll handcraft delicious beverages and build relationships with our customers (and know their favorite drink), and with your fellow partners. We offer flexible schedules, great benefits and an environment that is truly welcoming. And what we do goes outside the store, too. You’ll have volunteer opportunities to do good in the community, to help out and give back to the neighborhoods we are a part of.

    Take a look at the positions we hire for below.

    1. Baristas

      Baristas personally connect with, laugh with and uplift the lives of our customers – even if just for a few moments. Their work goes beyond handcrafting a perfectly made beverage; it’s about creating a human connection with every customer.

    2. Shift Supervisors

      Shift Supervisors are the operational experts that keep each store running like clockwork. By managing a shift, running a team and making store operations decisions, they develop leadership skills for the future. They role model and coach the delivery of high-quality service while creating meaningful connections with customers and partners alike.

    3. Assistant Store Managers

      Assistant Store Managers are developing their retail management skills through an 8-12 month hands on training program allowing them to build on their supervisory experience, coaching skills and business acumen. They are learning how to take on the role of running their own multi-million dollar business, of leading great teams, and building a meeting place in their communities.

    4. Store Managers

      Store Managers connect with our customers and their communities, fostering a deep sense of purpose at Starbucks. They believe we can all become a part of something bigger and inspire positive change in the world around us. They run and grow their business, lead great teams, and build a meeting place in their communities. They enjoy being able to achieve these aspirations autonomously, while leveraging our world class brand and business practices.

    5. District Managers

      District Managers lead a multi-unit, multi-million dollar enterprise, seeing the business at a higher level. They are a leader of leaders focused on developing diverse teams by creating opportunities for them to grow and make a unique contribution while coaching their development. They are accountable for all stores in their district and responsible for building local strategies to manage their performance by knowing their markets, their communities and their customers.

    6. Regional Directors

      Regional Directors provide leadership for roughly 90-100 stores, driving long-term growth and business development for new and existing stores. They develop agile, curious, effective leaders and nurture talent. As visionaries, they masterfully bring the Starbucks brand to life, uniquely integrating into each neighborhood and becoming part of the community.

    Each store is responsible for hiring and managing its own part-time and full-time partners.