Recipe for Great Coffee


How you grind, brew and store your coffee is just as important as the coffee itself. There are four fundamentals to brewing a perfect cup - proportion, grind, water and freshness. Follow the simple guidelines below for a great cup of coffee.

How to Brew Hot Coffee

  1. Use cold, filtered water and a clean machine.
  2. Grind beans just before brewing for the freshest taste:
    Coarse for coffee press or Medium for automatic drip
  3. Measure 2 tbsp (10 g) ground coffee for every 6 fl oz (180 ml) water.

How to Brew Iced Coffee

  1. Use cold, filtered water, a clean machine and grind beans just before brewing.
  2. Brew double strength – the same amount of coffee you’d use for a full pot, but with half the water. Double strength: 4 Tbsp (20 g) ground coffee for every 6 fl oz (180 ml) of water.
  3. After brewing slowly fill the pot with ice, or add the same amount of ice to a pitcher.
  4. Serve fresh over ice

To help preserve that fresh flavour, keep the bag sealed tight in a cabinet (not in the refrigerator or freezer) and brew within a week of opening.