Starbucks Reserve® Aged Sumatra Lot No. 571

Robust with deep notes of cedar and sweet black licorice

In the midst of sampling hundreds of aged Sumatra coffees, our tasting experts were riveted by this single lot of aged coffee. They felt it deserved special distinction for the concentrated earthy flavours that only meticulous aging can produce.

Stored in burlap bags in a tropical climate to ensure flavour development, the coffee was carefully tended, rotated and flipped in its bags and regularly sampled while we watched for the perfect time to use it. Four years later, this aged gem has reached perfection - and we're eager to share it with you.

This lot delivers a big, bold taste that reflects the careful time and focus that have been put into perfecting this special coffee.

Currently Available

  • Elevation: 1,100 – 1,400 meters (3,609 – 4,593 feet)
  • Coffee Variety: Bourbon, Pache, Caturra
  • Processing Method: Semi-washed
  • Tasting Notes: Robust with deep notes of cedar and sweet, black licorice
  • Pairing Flavours: Cheese, Dark Chocolate, Nuts, Savory Spices