Mexico Chiapas

From Mexico’s southernmost state comes one of its topmost coffees.

Head south to Mexico, keep going, and at the far end you’ll end up in the state of Chiapas – home of one of the country’s finest coffee-growing regions. 

This wonderful discovery comes from the slopes of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, where high altitudes and rich, volcanic soil create ideal growing conditions. This coffee was cultivated under a canopy of shade trees that protect a diversity of wildlife – foraging tapirs, colorful quetzals, sleek jaguars – by farmers who are committed to producing something exceptional. 

In the cup, Mexico Chiapas is crisp and nutty. It has a pleasing acidity and round body that are complemented by flavors of hazelnut and milk chocolate. The finish is smooth and slightly sweet. This exceptional coffee is available at Starbucks for only a limited time.

Currently Available


  • Whole Bean Coffee
Enjoy with:
Chocolate-covered nuts, a comfy chair and a warm fire.
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