Monkland & Old Orchard

Montreal5526, av de Monkland, Montreal, QC H4A 1C7

After ten years, the time came for this busy Montreal location to undergo its renovation. This store serves the needs of many different customers on a daily basis - whether it’s a business meeting, a catch up with friends, grabbing a quick lunch or stopping by just to relax, the design needed to cater to its customers. The designers maintained the general location of the bar but incorporated elements of our newer design concept in the paint, lighting, art, furniture and custom community tables.  The old merchandise area was removed to open up the space and allows for more light from the tall windows.  A mural was added and the existing fireplace was re-clad in a grey stone to give it a modern edge. The inspiration for the store was its true community nature.  People seem to call this their home store Starbucks.  This store has become a comfortable, modern setting which caters to a diverse range of customers. To minimize the environmental impact we reused many existing elements and made little changes to the environment. 


Notable Store Elements

  • The sofa table and community tables are all made out of reclaimed wood 
  • New cladding material was applied to the existing frontline casework to reduce construction waste
  • There is a large Starbucks Shared Planet™ community board at the back of the store which includes images of coffee growing regions printed on bio-degradable materials