West Hastings & Howe

802 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 1C8

Located at the busy intersection of West Hastings and Howe Street in downtown Vancouver– this store brings the authentic coffee house experience to the neighborhood. By embracing and punctuating some of original features of the space, such as brick cladded columns, high ceilings and the accessible ramp – the space has unique character and creates an exciting customer journey throughout the store. Designers selected locally sourced materials and coffee related artwork. The brick cladding over concrete columns discovered during construction gives the store its special touch.

The store was designed and built to be LEED certified. Locally sourced, reclaimed wood is used extensively for the wall finish, concrete and brick walls were left exposed including the open ceiling.

The mural tells the story about Starbucks origins and the community board showcases our message about ethical sourcing and community involvement. The coffee farm images help bring the origin countries closer to Canada. The store also features Starbucks Reserve and the Clover® brewer.


 Notable Store Elements

  • The wood tabletop for the window seating was made by a local vendor from a reclaimed glue-laminate beam that came out of an old school in Port Alberni
  • The wood paneling on the walls was provided by a local vendor using reclaimed B.C. hemlock and fir re-sawn from salvaged beams.