Engaging Young People

Starbucks believes the power of young people will change the world for the better.

At Starbucks, we continually look for innovative ways to help our communities thrive. We believe one of the most important ways for communities to come alive is through youth involvement. With Starbucks™ Youth Action Grants, we hope to nurture and inspire youth to engage, lead and create positive solutions for the challenges they see in their local communities.

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To learn more about our work in engaging young people read our Global Responsibility Goals & Progress Report.

Starbucks™ Youth Action Grants

In fiscal year 2011, we awarded more than 100 grants totaling $2.6 million to organizations around the world to inspire and support youth action in their local markets.  These organizations we partner with are experts in providing comprehensive support to young people to help them identify and address needs in their neighbourhoods. Young people also receive advocacy training, financial assistance and other resources to enable them to make positive change around the world.

Starbucks original goal was to engage 50,000 young people globally to innovate and create action in their communities by 2015. We’re proud to share that through grants awarded in 2009 and 2010, we accomplished this goal five years early! In partnership with the organizations we support, we’re now working to articulate a goal that assesses the real impact of these efforts.

Starbucks Youth Action Grants

Youth Action Grants help young people realize their natural potential to reinvent the world.