1. Entertainment
      We love coffee and everything that goes with it. Good books. Great music. And what’s more, we love sharing our favourites with you.

    2. Wi-Fi

      Our coffee brings people together – and our Wi-Fi service helps keep them connected. Learn how to surf while you sip at Starbucks.

    3. Community

      Community means we’re better together. In our stores and the world at large. Chat, connect and get involved.

    4. ">Mobile Applications

      Turns out your phone can help you do all sorts of important things – like find your favourite beverage or nearest Starbucks.

    5. Store Design

      What makes a Starbucks coffeehouse such a vibrant and inviting space? A philosophy of community and environmental responsibility.

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    Commitment to Community

    Starbucks is dedicated to supporting communities around the world – where we live, where we work and in the countries where our coffees are produced.

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